Art restoration


    Before                                                             After


  When I restored this painting from Maxime Etienne Vallée, I had to first meticulously clean it because the entire painting was covered by a thick layer of wax. I then placed two pieces of canvas on the back of the painting, one behind the hole at the top and to the left and the other along the tear in the middle. After uniformly recreating the texture of the original canvas, I touched up the original painting and, finally, glazed it. All of these steps were carried out under the three rules of art restoration: readability of the work, stability and reversibility of the materials used for the restoration.

For the frame, I also began with a thorough cleaning and then the reconstruction of the plaster on the top to the right and left of the frame. I applied bol d’Armenie in order to attach the gold leaf. Then I gilded and, finally, glazed it.