Art and material



Light is an essential element of all successful decoration. It accompanies us in our progression from shadow to light. It gives texture to different materials and reveals the beauty of colors. Whether it is soft or bright, lighting contributes to the atmosphere of a space.Choosing the sources of light and creating the desired effects requires careful planning. Lighting reveals our space.



Choosing color in interior design is, most often, a question of taste.

Opting for white is often used as a way of avoiding choosing and therefore it should be used intentionally, subtly and carefully. Color flatters the objects surrounding it and reveals our personality. It expresses emotion and liveliness. It is important to be aware of this before making a choice.



Materials can be surprising. One must not stop at the idea of their inertness.They wake our senses. Everything is influenced: the smell of old wood wakes our memory. The thickness of velvet warms our skin as well as our eyes.Choice of material, a question often neglected, is as important as lighting and color.



Whether it be a simple piece of old furniture, an antique desk or a piece from a contemporary designer, furniture should be as practical as it is useful. Furniture follows us throughout our lives, it accompanies us. Therefore, we must choose it based on its function, our desires and its history.

Decorative Objects


Useful because of their function or lack thereof, because they are a reminder, their presence in interior design is indispensable. They are a sign of our curiosity when we collect them. There are those which have accompanied us forever and those which have only been with us a short time. They are the hallmark of our personality.